VOLAIRE gives you softer, smoother hair with two times the volume. VOLAIRE supports stronger, healthier hair with each use!

How Do You 'Do? Simple Steps for Big Results

We’re so excited to share the VOLAIRE® difference with you. Having amazing hair should be a daily event, not just something you experience walking out of a salon.

VOLAIRE Weightless Shampoo & Conditioner

Set the foundation for volume.

This duo effectively and easily cleanses, conditions and builds the foundation for weightless, voluminous hair.

Weightless Volumizing Shampoo

HOW TO: Wet hair thoroughly. Dispense a large dollop of shampoo into palm and activate lather by rubbing hands together. Massage into wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

Weightless Fortifying Conditioner

HOW TO: After cleansing, apply a dollop to wet hair, starting from the bottom half and working to tips, distributing evenly. Rinse until water is clear.

Styling Tip

Unlike most volumizers that coat your hair and leave it feeling waxy, our Weightless Volumizing Shampoo will thoroughly cleanse hair without removing its natural oils. The result is squeaky-clean, bouyant hair that's not weighed down by dirt and excess oil. Meanwhile, our Weightless Fortifying Conditioner will restore strands' healthy balance.

Tip: try the conditioner as a hair mask. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.*
VOLAIRE Uplift Volumizing List

Take it to the next level.

Spritz on wet hair to build volume.

Uplift Volumizing Mist

HOW TO: On combed, towel-dried hair, liberally spray mist directly onto strands, starting at the roots and working through the ends, then style as normal.

Styling Tip

Volume builder.

  • Featuring VOLAIRE's Airweight Technology, this mist gives even the finest hair bounce, body and lift.
  • On clean, dry hair use to add texture and a modern, tousled look.
Tip: No time to wash hair after a workout? Need a morning time saver? Spray  Uplift volumizing mist onto roots and quickly blow-dry or heat style. Voila!
VOLAIRE Weightless Nourishing Mask

Your weekly hair TLC!

Replenish moisture, boost volume and revitalize hair with this ultralight deep treatment mask.

Volaire Weightless Nourishing Mask

HOW TO: After cleansing, apply mask to damp hair, working from mid-shaft through to the ends. Allow to absorb for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use as a weekly treatment or more often for extra-thirsty hair.

Styling Tip

Short on time? No problem. This hair health boost only takes 3 to 5 minutes! Apply our Weightless Nourishing Mask in the shower and let it work its magic while you get clean.

Tip: You can mask weekly or even daily, depending on your needs — it’s all about how much hydration your hair craves.
VOLAIRE Flexihold Finishing Hairspray

Lock in that amazing volume!

You’ve got that massive volume, now lock it in with this touchably soft, long-lasting finishing hairspray that won’t weigh you down.

Flexihold Finishing Hairspray

HOW TO: After drying and styling hair, hold bottle 10 to 12 inches from locks and mist lightly and evenly.

Styling Tip

This finishing spray keeps hair in place with a flexible hold that's brushable. Plus, the breakthrough formula is designed to add shine, control static and help resist humidity.

Tip: To Tame Small Fly-Aways, Apply Hairspray to Your Hands First, Then Pat Them Gently to Manage Them
VOLAIRE Air Magic Texturizing Spray

Pump up the va-va-volume!

Achieve mega-volume, tousled texture or beachy, bombshell waves with this multi-purpose texturizing spray.

Air Magic Texturizing Spray

HOW TO: After drying and styling hair, lift strands in sections and spray from root to tip. Tousle hair with fingers to add volume and texture.

Styling Tip

Part texturizing spray, part sheer hold spray with oil-absorbing properties to refresh and extend your style. Use as often as needed to instantly transform fine, limp locks into full-bodied beauty.

Tip: The odor and oil absorbing properties of Air Magic Texturizing Spray make it a perfect style extender for Day 2 or 3 hair!!
VOLAIRE Amped Up Mousse

Turn up maximum volume!

Add bombshell volume with this game-changing, multitasking mousse that smooths strands, adds shine and helps reduce frizz. It's even designed to protect from heat styling.

Amped Up Mousse

HOW TO: After applying Uplift Volumizing Mist to roots, shake mousse well, then dispense into palm. Apply to damp hair, working from the mid-strand to the ends. Blow dry or style as desired.

Styling Tip

This innovative formula gives hair volume and fullness without weighing it down. Heat protectant properties ensure your tresses stay soft and shiny, whether blow drying, curling or straightening strands. Air dry your hair? It amplifies au naturel looks, too!

Tip: Want Even more lift? Gently and slowly Pull hair up and away from Roots with a brush while blow drying